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This 42 year old lady from Pittsburgh, PA was unhappy with the cosmetic appearance of her nose. She didn’t like the shape of her tip, especially the wideness of the tip and the small dimple in the middle of her tip. She also wanted to have a supra-tip break – the small dip in the nasal dorsum when viewed from the lateral view. Her nasal breathing was fine.


On frontal view you can see the reduction of the widening and dimpled nature of her nasal tip.

Left Oblique:

This view again shows you the improvement in her nasal tip and gives a hint of the reduction of her dorsum.

Right Oblique:

This view demonstrates the improved harmony of the nose as it relates to the face. As you can see, the two sides of the nose never look exactly the same.

Left Lateral:

This view gives a terrific sense of the reduction of the height of the dorsum and the creation of the supra-tip break. As you can see, her dorsum was not very high, but this reduction was meaningful to her. Please note the supra-tip break just above the tip of the nose. Some patients want their rhinoplasty to result in this break (subtle drop in the height of the dorsum above the tip) and some don’t – it a matter of personal preference.

Right Lateral:

You can see similar improvements in the dorsum and tip relationship as seen from the other side. Please note the subtle increase rotation of her nose (rotation is define as the angle between the bottom of the nose and the upper lip).

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