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Pittsburgh Personalized Care

Unlike at corporate medspas which are owned by out-of-state interests, our friendly, local Pittsburgh practice is overseen by a passionate board certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Leong, who personally ensures that every procedure is customized to your needs, lifestyle, and comfort level. 

Innovative Nose Enhancement

Our extensively trained nurse injectors are skilled and attentive, delivering outstanding results in a safe, accessible setting. When it comes to a delicate procedure such as a non-surgical nose job, you really want to choose practitioners who are conservative in their techniques. 

Dr. Leong has coined a cutting-edge, innovative approach using blunt-tipped cannulas that helps reduce swelling, mitigates discomfort, and banishes lengthy downtimes. Your outcome will be well-suited to the rest of your features, will enhance your self-image, and will boost your quality of life.

What is non-surgical rhinoplasty?

While traditional surgical rhinoplasty is highly effective at correcting imperfections of the bridge, nostrils, and tip, a non-surgical nose job can achieve subtle improvements in the nasal contours, minimizing flaws, improving definition, and adding overall  harmony to the facial features. 

Dermal fillers are used to combat depressions and improve symmetry—all without pain, anesthesia, or lengthy recovery times. Our team is trained by Dr. Leong, a board certified facial plastic surgeon who is intricately familiar with rhinoplasty and nasal anatomy, so results are transformative and natural-looking.

Patient Review

Dr. Leong explained my procedure so I would know exactly what to expect. He is a very professional and compassionate doctor. Things went exactly as he said. I am very happy. His staff are very kind and very friendly people. I would gladly recommend him to anyone needing plastic facial surgery.

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Benefits of liquid rhinoplasty in Pittsburgh

  • Short, convenient treatment time 
  • No anesthesia or downtime
  • Results can be reversed
  • Natural-looking
  • Corrects asymmetry
  • Smooths contour imperfections
  • Refines the nasal tip
  • Enhances a weak nasal bridge
  • Boosts self-confidence
  • Refines results from surgical rhinoplasty

Before & After

Best candidates for a non-surgical nose job

The best candidates for a non-surgical nose job are those desiring subtle yet impactful changes in the contour of their nose. Often, dermal fillers can help a person “preview” a new look before committing to a surgical procedure. It’s perfect for people who want to avoid the discomfort, anesthesia, cost, and downtime of traditional surgery. During your consultation at our Pittsburgh office, we will fully assess whether this treatment is right for you.

Recovery from a non-surgical rhinoplasty

Unlike recovery from a conventional nose job which takes months, healing from a non-surgical nose job is quick and painless. If you have your treatment performed on a Friday, you can be back at work by Monday. Mild bruising, redness, or swelling will all disappear within a matter of hours. We will follow up with you regularly to ensure your recovery is on the right path, and that you are happy with your results.

Why choose Pittsburgh’s Sistine Medispa for a non-surgical rhinoplasty?

Dr. Leong is a world-renowned, board certified facial plastic surgeon who has created the ultimate medspa as a sister sanctuary for his Pittsburgh patients. Using the same meticulous attention to detail, intrepid skill, and relaxed, accommodating bedside manner, Dr. Leong has now trained a staff of compassionate nurse injectors to follow his lead. 

Another benefit of choosing Sistine Medispa is that every time you undergo a non-surgical skincare treatment, you will receive Reward Points towards a surgical procedure of your choice with Dr. Leong at a later date. In this way, you are ensuring that your skin remains stunning, supple, and youthful not just today—but tomorrow and beyond.

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