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Authenticity and Safety

In a cosmetic landscape overflowing with unqualified technicians and corporately owned franchises where the bottom line trumps patient safety, Dr. Leong’s Sistine Aesthetics is an oasis of integrity and authenticity. Tightly tethered to Dr. Leong’s surgical practice, the Sistine Aesthetics represents a bastion of rigorous health standards, as well as conservative techniques known for minimizing pain and shortening downtime.

Sistine Aesthetics: Elite Local Expertise

Each of our nurse injectors at Sistine are meticulously instructed and trained in Dr. Leong’s world-renowned methods, elevating their skill level and knowledge to an elite plane. Dr. Leong’s blunt-tip cannula technique is used to avoid damage to the skin, and newer state-of-the-art equipment is constantly being added to the arsenal. 

Dr. Leong and his staff are deeply rooted in Pittsburgh, making the Sistine Aesthetics a truly local establishment. At medspas owned by out-of-state corporate teams, it is impossible to obtain the same level of personalized care as at Sistine. Dr. Leong takes an interest in every case, creating customized plans to address individual aesthetic concerns. Never is one treatment alone considered right for a vast majority of people.

Empathy, Expertise, and Rewards

The staff at Sistine Aesthetics have been hand-picked by Dr. Leong for their incredible dedication to patient satisfaction and success. Each of our team members is highly empathetic and compassionate, knowing the risk it takes to trust one’s skin to an unknown stranger. We guide you through every step of your cosmetic journey, empowering you with information, a unique skincare regimen, and extensive follow-up care.

Thanks to Dr. Leong’s special Rewards Program, you can now accumulate Reward Points every time you undergo a non-surgical treatment at the Sistine Aesthetics. These points can be used later down the line to redeem a surgical procedure with Dr. Leong at his Pittsburgh plastic surgery practice. In this way, you are creating longevity for your appearance, balancing short term solutions with longer term renewal.

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