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Revolutionary Cosmetic Injectables

Dr. Leong is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon committed to staying abreast of the latest developments in the world of cosmetic treatments. He provides the latest cosmetic injectables to restore your facial youthfulness and smoothness without signs of cosmetic manipulation.

Dr. Leong’s Sistine Aesthetics is the first medical spa in Pittsburgh to provide Revance RHA treatments, the world’s first FDA-approved hyaluronic acid-based fillers for dynamic wrinkles and nasolabial folds.

What is Revance RHA?

Revance is one of the world’s most reputable cosmetic and therapeutic biotechnology companies. RHA is their latest collection of hyaluronic acid fillers approved to treat mild, moderate, or severe dynamic wrinkles and nasolabial folds that occur due to the overuse of facial muscles. RHA fillers are the world’s only hyaluronic acid fillers capable of filling dynamic wrinkles without freezing your facial expressions altogether.

What sets RHA apart from other HA fillers is its unique composition. Most dermal fillers chemically modify the hyaluronic acid to increase its longevity and prevent it from being metabolized immediately. However, chemical modification also reduces its natural efficiency, making it incapable of adapting to facial movements.

The RHA collection is based on a unique manufacturing process that ensures longevity and durability with minimal chemical modification so that it’s close to the natural HA in your skin.

As such, when RHA fillers are injected into your skin, they act just like your natural HA components. They enhance facial volume and fill up the wrinkles without an overcorrection, immediate absorption, or the dreaded “frozen” expression. They smooth your face without robbing you of your ability to emote freely. Revance RHA fillers are also some of the most durable HA fillers, producing results that last up to 15 months.

What are the Benefits of Revance RHA?

  • Non-surgical treatment
  • No pain and discomfort
  • Long-lasting results
  • Natural-looking results
  • Equally effective at rest and in motion
  • Smoothes dynamic wrinkles
  • Closely resemble natural hyaluronic acid
  • Enhances facial volume
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Restores facial youthfulness
Beautiful model no wrinkles and amazingly smooth skin

What are my RHA treatment options?

  • RHA 2 fillers are approved for injection into the mid-to-deep dermis to treat mild to moderate dynamic wrinkles and nasolabial folds.
  • RHA 3 fillers are approved for injection into the mid-to-deep dermis to treat moderate dynamic wrinkles and nasolabial folds.
  • RHA 4 fillers are approved for injection into the deep dermis to treat severe dynamic wrinkles and nasolabial folds.

Am I a suitable candidate for RHA treatment?

RHA fillers are suitable for all patients over 22 years of age with mild to severe facial wrinkles and folds, such as nasolabial folds, marionette lines, frown lines, etc. Dr. Leong will carefully examine your facial skin, review your medical history, discuss your cosmetic expectations from the treatment, and determine if you can truly benefit from RHA fillers.

Patient Review

Dr. Leong is unmatched in both his skill and bedside manner. Not only will Dr. Leong answer your questions, but he does so with great detail. Even during a procedure, Dr. Leong explains every step and makes sure that you are comfortable. Dr. Leong and his staff follow up after the procedure as well to make sure that there are no issues. Lastly, the results! I appreciate Dr. Leong’s artistry in achieving natural results. I don't think that this can be underestimated. I highly recommend Dr. Paul Leong and would not trust my face to any other physician.

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What Can I Expect From My RHA Treatment?

Dr. Leong carefully assesses your needs to identify the appropriate RHA product for your specific needs. After choosing the ideal RHA filler, he identifies the correct treatment spots to ensure natural-looking enhancements and results. He carefully injects the RHA solution into the targeted regions to fill your dynamic wrinkles and folds.

You may experience some swelling, bruising, and redness around the injection points, but you can resume all your daily activities as soon as you leave the clinic. You’ll notice immediate results with gradual improvements as the side-effects dissipate over the next few days. RHA fillers produce impressive results that last around 15 months. 

Why choose Sistine Aesthetics in Pittsburgh for RHA?

Sistine Aesthetics is the only medical spa in Pittsburgh to offer RHA fillers by Revance. We stay abreast of the latest developments in the world of cosmetic treatments, bringing in new treatments and innovations the moment they exhibit positive results. Dr. Leong is a true artist of cosmetic treatments, carefully calibrating the RHA filler to ensure you achieve dynamic and natural-looking results. 

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