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Effortless Lip Enhancement

Restylane Kysse is giving clients everywhere something to smile about. Specifically designed to enhance and volumize the lips, Kysse is a painless dermal filler that comes with no downtime. It is made with proprietary XpresHAn technology that helps achieve natural beauty and effortless softness. Sistine is excited to offer Restylane Kysse as part of its commitment to aesthetic excellence in the realm of anti-aging.

What is Restylane Kysse?

While many lip fillers feel unnatural and weird, Kysse integrates with your lip tissue seamlessly to provide authenticity both in appearance and function. Even while smiling, laughing, kissing, talking, or eating, Kysse results continue to impress. There is never a sense of being “overfilled” with Kysse.

Restylane Kysse is helpful in treating the following:

  • Thinning lips
  • Depleted lips that have lost their volume due to aging
  • Smoker’s lines
  • Poor lip texture
  • Pale lip color
  • Hyperpigmentation in the lips

    What Dr. Paul Leong Thinks About Restylane Kysse

    What Do You Think About Restylane Kysse? - Sistine Plastic Surgery

    What Happens During My Treatment?

    Restylane Kysse is formulated with lidocaine, an anesthetic, to ensure your complete comfort during treatment. Your provider will inject Restylane Kysse strategically into the lips to refine and sculpt their delicate contours according to your needs and wishes for improvement. You will be able to see some transformation immediately, but your results will continue to improve over the course of 8 weeks.

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    What are the Benefits of Kysse?

    • Safe, non-invasive, and non-surgical
    • Quick treatment time of less than 20 minutes
    • Painless with no downtime
    • Helps plump and soften the lips
    • Improves your smile
    • Enhances self-confidence
    • Subtle, natural-looking results
    • Long-lasting outcome up to 12 months
    • Cost-effective

      Who is a Good Candidate for Restylane Kysse?

      Restylane Kysse is ideal for anyone seeking beautiful lip augmentation results without the invasiveness of implants or fat grafting. Patients should be mentally and physically healthy, and they should be realistic in what they expect from their results. Dermal filler injections can help enhance your appearance quite a bit, but they cannot make you look like a different person or a celebrity. 

      We will meet with you for a private consultation and assess your candidacy in more detail at that time. Restylane Kysse lip fillers are not appropriate for pregnant or breastfeeding women, those younger than 21, or those currently taking blood thinners.

      What Can I Expect After My Treatment?

      Kysse injections don’t require any lengthy downtime, and most patients return to their regular routines the same day. However, you may experience some minor swelling and bruising for up to 3 days. An ice pack can be useful in reducing discomfort. You will notice results right away, and over time your outcome will improve even more. In about 8 weeks, you will see your final transformation. Results can last up to 1 year.

      Patient Review

      I was thrilled to find Dr. Leong. He has excellent credentials and I was particularly pleased with his specializing in just head and neck procedures. The results are amazing. I look refreshed and younger than my age (67). Dr. Leong is an artist among plastic surgeons. I will trust my face to no one else!

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      Why Choose Sistine Facial Plastic Surgery?

      At Sistine Facial Plastic Surgery, we provide clients with superior care in a technologically advanced, state-of-the-art setting. From the compassion and knowledge of our experienced staff to your stunning, natural-looking results, Sistine has built a solid reputation for delivering excellence. The foundation of our practice is trust and integrity. We will never suggest a treatment that we don’t wholeheartedly believe is in your best interest. 

      Dr. Leong has a history of rigorous training, beginning with a demanding fellowship in Advanced Oncologic Surgery of the Head and Neck at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. He then further honed his talents in the field of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery with an elite fellowship at the prestigious Oregon Health Sciences University. Dr. Leong is double board-certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery.

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