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This 35 year old patient was unhappy with certain subtle features of her nose. Her rhinoplasty surgery consisted of reducing the dorsum, refining the tip as well as slightly rotating the tip.

Right Lateral:

This profile view shows the reduction of the dorsum and the rotated tip.

Left Oblique:

This view portrays the tip refinement and rotation that the patient was trying to achieve with this surgery.

Right Oblique:

This view also shows the tip refinement and the rotation which is very subtle.


In addition to the profile view, which shows the reduction in the height of the dorsum, this is probably the most important view. Please note that the bridge of the nose has been straightened. In the pre-op view the bridge leans a little to the left. In the post-op view the bridge is straight and the symmetry in nicely improve. Rhinoplasty surgeons call the gentle curve from the central part of the brow to the nasal tip the brow-tip aesthetic line. Her post-op brow-tip aesthetic line is excellent. Furthermore, her nasal tip is more refined and symmetric.

Frontal Smiling:

This before and after picture set demonstrates how the tip does not droop anymore when the patient smiles.

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