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This 20 year old young lady from Pittsburgh came to see me regarding the height of her dorsum and greater refinement of the tip of her nose. I concluded that she did have a low dorsum and only modest bulbous tip. To address the low dorsum, a temporalis fascia graft was taken and carefully implanted into the dorsum. To refine the tip, inter and intra alar sutures were inserted. This resulted in a modest and natural looking tip refinement. Since Rhinoplasty surgeries can be one of the most challenging surgeries, it is helpful to find a surgeon who is skilled and has experience performing surgeries for all different ethnicity types.


This frontal view reveals a slightly raised dorsum and very slight modification of the nasal tip.

Left Oblique:

This left oblique angle reveals a more distinct and well-defined dorsum.

Right Oblique:

This right oblique view shows a nice improvement in the nasal dorsum and very subtle revision of the nasal tip. Typically, improving the nasal tip requires more experience and skill then addressing the nasal dorsum.

Left Lateral:

From the left lateral view, you can see that the nasal tip has been rotated slightly upward. The nose appears more harmonious with the structures of the face.

Right Lateral:

This right lateral view reveals an elevated dorsum with a smooth and more defined nasal slope. Her appearance is completely natural, maintaining her ethic identity, but with a positive refinement.


The basal view shows the beautiful healing of the trans-columellar incision (the incision between the nostrils).

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