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This Rhinoplasty patient from Pittsburgh was bothered by several different characteristics of her nose and wanted a more elegant nose that harmonized with her face. She also wanted to ensure that the rhinoplasty procedure did not harm her nasal breathing – a priority of great importance to facial plastic specialists.


She was bothered by the width of her nasal bridge, her bulbous nasal tip, and how her nasal tip leans to the right. The after picture shows that all these issues have been corrected. Rhinoplasty specialists often say that we want the nose to “disappear” from the face. We don’t mean this literally, what we mean is that the nose should not be a distraction from other attractive features such as the eyes. You might agree that this patient’s nose is a bit of distraction in the before picture, but harmonizes beautifully in the after picture.

Left Lateral:

On the lateral or profile view the patient didn’t like her slightly high nasal bridge, the over-projection of her nasal tip (meaning it projects too far away from the face), and the under-rotated of her nasal tip (meaning the angle between the upper lip and the nose is too acute). The after picture corrects all of these issues and leaves her with a more feminine and elegant nose – once again, her nose fits harmoniously within the context of her face. She was thrilled and so was I at her outcome. Finally, nasal breathing was terrific post-op.

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