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This 43 year old woman from Pittsburgh came in for a rhinoplasty consultation to discuss the cosmetic deformity of her nose, along with some nasal issues. She had a collapse of her nasal dorsum, blocked nasal airways from the collapse, with no tip support and “saddle nose defect.” I concluded that she would benefit from an augmentation of the nasal airway and a rib cartilage graft to support the dorsum and nasal tip. This patient was very satisfied with her post op results and reported that she was now able to breathe well through her nose.

Right Lateral:

From this right lateral view, you can see the severity of the nasal defect. There is a significant indentation in the lower nasal dorsum. In the after photo, you can see how nicely this has been repaired. After the rhinoplasty, the nasal dorsum has been filled in with cartilage and straightened, resulting in a nose that fits her facial profile appropriately.

Left Lateral:

Again, the lateral view clearly shows the collapse of the nasal dorsum and the resulting cosmetic deficiency. After the rhinoplasty, the nose has been restored to its previous nasal structure, with a nasal projection that complements the face.

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