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This 20 year old young lady from Pittsburgh came in for a rhinoplasty consultation. She was bothered by her high dorsum, an over projected nasal tip and the fact that the tip of her nose was slightly under rotated (turned down). We discussed the following operative goals: reducing the dorsum, rotating the nasal tip, a mild cephalic trim, and deprojecting (moving the tip of the nose closer to the face) the nose moderately.


This frontal view shows the enhancement of the tip of the nose after the rhinoplasty. The tip of the nose is no longer in a “drooping” position.

Left Lateral:

In this left lateral angle, the nose is less of a focal point of the face. The chin and nose appear more in portion with each other creating a balanced look. Please notice that I created a “supratip break” on the dorsum of her nose as she requested. A supratip break in the slight dip in the dorsum just above the tip of the nose. The supratip break is usually a characteristic of patients of northern or central European heritage, and less so of southern European of other ethnic backgrounds. I feel that no single nose is ideal for every patient. Each rhinoplasty (sometimes called nose job) procedure is totally unique to each individual. This is why a detailed and unhurried consultation process is the most critical aspect of obtaining a quality result.

Right Lateral:

The post rhinoplasty right lateral view demonstrates how nicely the dorsum hump has been reduced to a more elegant slope that appears in proportion with the face. The nasal tip has also been refined and rotated slightly upward. The nose now complements the face as opposed to being a distraction to it.

Basal View:

On the basal view you can observed two critical elements. Firstly, the incision on the columella (the skin between the nostrils) has healed wonderfully. Secondly, the nose has a subtly more pyramidal shape following the rhinoplasty – an attractive characteristic for her nose.

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