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This Pittsburgh non-surgical rhinoplasty patient felt that her nose was a little large, particularly the moderate hump on her nasal dorsum. She was not ready to have a surgical procedure and wanted to see how much improvement could be made with a non-surgical approach. As a facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Leong is passionate about getting the best results for his patient, whether it be with surgical or non-surgical means. He feels this willingness to consider both approaches allows him to give the patient the most objective advice possible.

Right Lateral

This view shows both the problems making the patient unhappy and how well the non-surgical approach was able to respond to those problems. This patient has a very appealing facial shape, but her nose is somewhat of a distraction. This bump on her nasal bridge and the slight drooping of her tip don’t harmoniously mix with the rest of her face. By placing dermal filler (Juvederm Voluma) both above and below her nasal hump it makes her nose look smaller and more elegant – it fits better on her face. Careful placement of dermal filler above her nasal tip makes the tip appear less droopy.

Left Lateral

A more elegant, refined, and beautiful nose delivered in less than 10 minutes without surgery! Please note the after picture was taken 2 minutes are the treatment was performed. She has no bruising or swelling and can engage in social activity immediately. It’s true that occasional patients can get some modest bruising after non-surgical rhinoplasty, but this is rare. Dr. Leong always performs non-surgical rhinoplasty with blunt-tipped microcannulas, never needles. This highly specialized approach is quite common in Europe and larger markets in the United States, but much less so in Pittsburgh. Using blunt-tipped microcannulas improves the comfort and safety of the procedure as well as reducing post-treatment bruising.

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