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This young lady from Pittsburgh had several complaints about her nose. She felt that the dorsum was too high with a fairly distinct hump. Her tip lacked definition and was tilted down somewhat. Finally, from the frontal view her dorsum was asymmetric with a little dent on her right side and a tilt of the nose to her left. This patient had a non-surgical rhinoplasty several years before undergoing her surgical rhinoplasty. Please take a look at her non-surgical rhinoplasty result in the non-surgical rhinoplasty section of the before and after pictures.


This view shows the much more symmetric nasal dorsum, with the whole nose nicely positioned in the midline. Her nasal tip has been refined and it does not tilt downwards as it did before surgery.

Left Lateral:

This view shows the tremendous improvement in her dorsum hump as well as the refinement and rotation upwards of her tip.

Right Lateral:

This view shows a much-improved dorsum and tip.

Left Oblique:

The oblique views demonstrate how her new nose blends with her face in a more harmonious way. The nose should be a compliment, not a distraction, from the other attractive elements of the face.

Right Oblique

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