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Patient ID#: 2109

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This 56 year old woman was not happy with the sagging of the skin of her face and neck as well as the tired look around her eyes. I explained that she could achieve a long-lasting and natural appearing result with a deep plane facelift and a cosmetic upper lid blepharoplasty. Her result shows a very revitalized and refreshed version of herself – she looks younger, but she still looks like herself. This patient also had some tear trough restylane injections to revitalize her tear trough area.


This view is a nice example of a patient that, while not having very advanced aging, benefited a great deal from a rejuvenated and revitalized appearance. You can see the improvement in her jowls, marionette lines, and cheeks form her facelift. Additionally, her eyes are brighter and more vibrant after the upper eyelid lift and her tear trough restylane L microcannula injections.

Left Lateral View:

Nice improvements in her jawline, neck, upper eyelids, and tear trough visible from the side view. Please also note that her incision has headed wonderfully.

Left Oblique View:

She looks perfectly natural and rejuvenated.

Right Lateral View:

Another lateral view highlighting her much improved jawline and neck contours.

Right Oblique View:

She has no signs of having had surgery or other cosmetic procedures but looks energetic and rejuvenated – this is the goal for all of our patients.

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