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Patient ID#: 2110

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This patient came from Cleveland with complaints of sagging of her facial and neck skin, heavy eyelids, and tear trough deformity. See had evaluated several plastic surgeons in Cleveland but was pleased with the high degree of specialization on facial plastic surgery in our practice.

Left Oblique:

She has a natural and elegant result from her facelift, upper blepharoplasty, and tear trough Restylane L injection. Her jawline no longer has jowls, it has the contour of youth. Her neck skin and the underlying tissues have been repositioned to restore its smoothness of suppleness.

Right Oblique:

Note the great improvement in her marionette line as well at the jawline, eyelids, and tear trough.


Her upper eyelid incision have healed virtually invisibly, the “V” shaped lower face of youth has been restored, and her tear trough injections reduce the appearance of tireness.

Left Lateral:

Her jawline and neckline are elegant and youthful.

Right Lateral:

The facelift incisions immediately in front of and behind the ear have healed essentially invisibly. Many patients are quite concerned about how visible their facelift incisions will be, rightly so given a poor incision will make it hard to style their hair as the want. As you can see in this case, her incision is fantastic, and she can style her hair any way she wants.

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