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Patient ID#: 2108

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This 58 year old lady from Pittsburgh, PA was unhappy with the sagging of her cheeks and neck. She was interested in a facial rejuvenation that would leave her with a natural and rested appearance. Other than a small amount of extra skin under her lower eyelids she was happy with the appearance of her eyes. In addition of a face and neck lift, I removed a small amount of skin on her lower eyelids. She is 11 months post-op.


The improvement in neck, cheeks, and under-eye area is apparent. The post facelift pictures illustrate the renewed vigor and youthfulness of her appearance. As with all of our patients, she has a natural and un-operated appearance.

Left Oblique:

This view demonstrates the improved contour and tone of the patient’s cheeks and neck. She does not have the unnatural appearance that often occurs when the skin has been moved in the wrong direction (an overly vertical direction) which is very common with many mini-lift type operations. The clean lines of her jawline has been restored.

Right Oblique:

This view shows the improvement in her neck and jowls as well as the repositioning of the soft tissue of the face to a higher and more youthful position.

Right Lateral:

She was particularly focused on the changes in the contour of her neck over the years – she felt that she had lost the youthful shape of her neck. By repositioning the muscular layer of the neck and face (called the SMAS) this patient obtained a natural and long-lasting improvement. Please note the position of her hairline, including the sideburn hair, has not been changed at all.

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