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Patient ID#: 5209

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This wonderful Pittsburgh non-surgical rhinoplasty patient was not pleased with her dorsal hump. She is considering a surgical rhinoplasty in the future, but right now that doesn’t fit into her life. She elected to address her concerns with a non-surgical rhinoplasty. These pictures were taken immediately after her treatment. As with most non-surgical rhinoplasties there was no bruising and minimal swelling – though there is always a risk that there might be some of these issues.

Left Lateral:

On this smiling profile view she has a much more elegant contour.

Right Lateral:

Dr. Leong injected Restylane Lyft both above and below the dorsal hump with his microcannula technique. This approach reduces the visibility of the hump and also gives the appearance of tilting up the tip of the nose.

Right Oblique:

By diminishing the dorsal hump the patient’s nose seems to fade into that background, allowing all the beautiful elements of her face to shine forward. This kind of result is very gratifying for both the patient and Dr. Leong.

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