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This 53 year old lady from Pittsburgh was unhappy with her heavy, droopy upper eyelids, and the droopy bags under her eyes. She had an upper blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) that gave her a more refreshed and awake appearance. The lower eyelid fat pockets were dramatically improved after the lower blepharoplasty, improving the patient’s tired appearance. The lower blepharoplasty was performed via a transconjunctival approach (the incision is made behind the lower eyelid). I perform lower blepharoplasty surgery using this approach when there is mild to moderate excess skin and fat. When there is more substantial surplus skin and fat I often use an “open” approach which involves an incision on the outside of the eyelid. I feel that patients are best served with a customized approach to their individuals concerns and goals.

Left Oblique:

The patient has obtained a natural and attractive result after her upper and lower blepharoplasty.

Eyes Up View:

This view gives a clear assessment of the reduction of the lower eyelid bags. As with the upper blepharoplasty, it’s important to avoid removing too much fat from the lower eyelid. Doing so can lead to a hollowed out appearance a few years after the surgery.

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