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This 62 year old lady from Pittsburgh requested rejuvenation of her face and neck. She leads a very active professional and social life and regularly participates in advanced athletic activities such as skiing. Her goal was to “look as good as she felt” and achieve a rejuvenated and refreshed look while maintaining a completely natural appearance. Another goal was to return to normal social and professional activity as soon as possible. The patient, like Dr. Leong, had no interest in a face lift that resulted in a “pulled” or “done” look. In order to achieve her goals, this patient was treated in Pittsburgh with a facelift, necklift, lower eyelid lift, facial fat transfer, and earlobe reduction.


As the female face ages it often changes from an oval shape to a more rectangular shape as the jowls form and facial tissues move downward under the effect of gravity. This frontal view nicely shows how the younger oval shape of the face has been restored. Please note how the midface (the area about two inches below the eyes) has been moved back into a more youthful position. This change in the midface area can be accomplished because Dr. Leong utilizes an advanced SMAS repositioning facelift technique. This technique allows for very natural and long-lasting results. Our philosophy is – If It Doesn’t Look Natural, It Doesn’t Look Good!

Left Oblique:

This view again demonstrates the smooth and comprehensive improvement in the patient’s neck and jowl. Her elegant neck has been fully restored.

Right Oblique:

This view demonstrates the natural and comprehensive improvement of her neck, jowls, and cheeks with the face and neck lift. Her lower eyelids have been subtly improved with the lower eyelid lift. The correction to her lower eyelids is modest because she had only minor issues there to begin with. Please note the positive effect of the volume improvement from facial fat transfer to her cheeks, tear trough, temples. The additional volume provides her with a softer, more feminine appearance. Lastly, the patient was unhappy with her somewhat elongated earlobes. This is often the result of lifelong use of earrings, but can sometimes occur even without the use of earrings. The overall result is a revitalized, natural, soft and more youthful appearance. The incisions are virtually invisible and there is no hint of a pulled or distorted look.

Left Lateral:

This view demonstrates the improvement in the neck and jowls. Note the straight and defined jaw line and the improved contour of the cheeks and temple with the fat transfer volumization. Also please note the lack of skin pleating below and behind the ears. Objectionable skin pleating quite often occurs when a “mini-lift” is inappropriately used in a person who desires improvement in neck contour. Please take note of the subtly upturned corner of her mouth, providing a more youthful and sunny expression.

Left Chin Tucked:

The chin tucked downward provides another view on the improvement in the position of the cheeks and the contour of the neck. Please note the right earlobe has been reduced in size as the patient wished and the incision around the year is very well hidden.

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