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This 58 year old lady from Pittsburgh, PA requested a rejuvenation of face, neck, and upper eyelids. I performed liposuction on her cheeks and neck, a sub-SMAS face and neck lift, and an upper eyelid lift (also called an upper blepharoplasty). A sub-SMAS facelift provides a long-lasting lift that can last for 10-12 years because the deeper muscular layer is repositioned to its prior youthful position, rather than simply being pulled up with sutures (as is often the case with mini-lifts as seen on various infomercials). These pictures are 14 months post-op.


Please note how the combination of her upper lid blepharoplasty and facelift have greatly improved her overall impression. She now appears more rested and more energetic than in her pre-operative frontal view.

Left Oblique:

The heaviness of her cheeks, neck, and eyelids is improved.

Right Oblique:

Her appearance following her facelift, necklift, upper eyelid lift, and neck/face liposuction is completely rejuvenated and completely natural. My goal is always to obtain a natural appearance. She does not appear stretch or distorted in an way. She has a bright expression in her eyes.

Left Lateral:

The improvement of her upper eyelids is clearly visible on the lateral view. Note the natural position of her ear. Some facelifts result in an unnatural appearance of the ear in which the ear lobe is pulled somewhat downward and forward – this is called a pixie ear deformity. I strive to avoid this obvious post-operative sign of having had a facelift. As you can see, the patient’s earlobe is not stretched or deformed in any way.

Right Lateral:

This view demonstrates the improvement in her cheeks, neck, and her upper eyelids. Please note the outstanding healing of her incision around the ear and unchanged position of her hairline in front of and behind her ear. Her sideburn has not been elevated as is often the case with facelift incisions.

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