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Patient ID#: 2103

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This 62 year old lady from Pittsburgh was concerned about the loss of volume in her face, in addition to ptosis in her jowls, neck and mid face. Her profession requires her to interact with a wide range of people on a regular basis. She requested a “totally natural result” with minimal downtime. She appreciated that she had mild to moderate jowling, neck laxity, and heaviness of her upper eyelids and that a very dramatic change was not required. None-the-less she and I agreed that the moderate changes she sought would make a big difference in her outlook and appearance. In order to address her goals I performed in Pittsburgh a facelift and necklift, an upper eyelid lift (blepharoplasty), and facial fat transfer. After two weeks she was fully able to return to work and all of her social activities.


The patient looks comprehensively refreshed and reinvigorated. Many of our facelift patients in Pittsburgh tell us that their goal is “to look as good as I feel” – this patient feels we helped her achieve that goal. Please note that she looks completely natural, picking her out as a patient who had had a facelift in my impression would be impossible. Our philosophy is – If It Doesn’t Look Natural, It Doesn’t Look Good!

Left Oblique:

The oblique view nicely shows the improved harmony of the face and neck with no hint of a “stretched” or “done” look.

Left Lateral:

This left lateral view demonstrates the significant improvement in her jowls and neck contour. Note the crisp and youthful shape of her neck, particularly where her neck meets the area under her jaw. Her nasolabial folds and her marionette lines (the lines that come down from the corners of her mouth towards her jawline) are much improved. From this lateral view you can observe that her upper eyelids have been restored to a vibrant and youthful shape – you can once again clearly see her upper eyelids. More subtly, please note the softness and enhanced contour of her cheeks as a result of the facial fat transfer. Finally, her incisions are imperceptible. I always sculpt the incision around the ear to conform the patient’s exact natural contours in this area – my goal is always to provide the patient with the very best incisions possible. This step takes a little bit of extra time, but it well worth the effort – the result of an ideal scar lasts a lifetime for the patient.

Close-Up Frontal Blepharoplasty

As indicated above I performed a blepharoplasty in addition to a facelift in this patient. In many patients, as one would expect, the different zones of the face age at the same time. This patient’s eyes are more vivid and attractive after her blepharoplasty procedure. It’s very important to establish a goal of improving the cosmetic appearance of the area around the eye, but not become overly aggressive and do too much removal of skin or fat. Going overboard can lead to an unusual, unnatural, and hollowed look, as well as functional problems like dry eye.

Left Lateral Chin Tucked

The chin tucked view shows the improvement in the neck area after her facelift. The chin down view often bothers patients a lot with clear evidence of the loss of a youthful neck.

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