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Patient ID#: 5319

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In many cases the full potential of non-surgical fillers takes place over several visits with Dr. Leong. The first visit is used to discuss the overall goals and then build a foundation for success by addressing the most prominent cosmetic issues, with follow-up visits to refine and perfect the result. This patient provides a good example of this process. As you can see, the first visit with Dr. Leong involved treating her tear trough deformity (sometimes referred to dark circles under the eyes) with Restylane L. The first after picture shows the great improvement in her tear trough deformity. However, closer examination reveals that her nasolabial folds and also her cheek bone area could benefit from some volume enhancement.

During her second visit her nasolabial folds and cheekbone area (sometimes called the malar area) were improved with dermal filler. The second after picture is immediately after her filler. Thanks to Dr. Leong’s refined technique and the use of blunt tipped microcannulas she has no bruising and very little swelling.

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