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This 54 year old medical professional from Pittsburgh had been contemplating a facial rejuvenation procedure for several years. She expressed to me that she wanted to restore some of the vitality and energy to her appearance. Specifically, she was concerned about the aging of her neck, jowls, cheeks, and upper eyelids. She was also worried about the slow loss of volume in her face. She is a highly active and engaged professional who exercises on a regular basis. As is very common with patients in her age group who eat well and exercise regularly, she has lost some of the youthful volume in her face.
She had consulted with a number of outstanding plastic surgeons in the area. We had a number of very detailed discussions about her goals and how best to meet them. I find that a detailed and unhurried consultation process is the key to establishing a shared understanding of the concerns at hand and shared expectations of the goals. This process is reassuring to the patient and surgeon alike. Ultimately the patient decided to proceed with a high SMAS facelift, fat transfer, and upper eyelid lift with me. These pictures are the result at 15 months.


Her face and eyes are revitalized. Please note the positive effect of the re-volumization from her fat transfer procedure. In addition to lifting the facial tissues that had descended, the restoration of volume to her cheeks, nasolabial folds, and tear troughs has contributed greatly to her more youthful appearance. For example, no fat was removed from her lower eyelid area, but this part of her face still appears much improved because of the fat transfer in that area.

Right Oblique:

In the pre-operative picture the patient appears tired and weighed down in a way that was not reflected in her vigorous and extraverted personality. The post-operative facelift picture presents an appearance that represents far more accurately who is actually is.

Right Lateral:

This view demonstrates the renewed vigor of her neck, cheeks, and upper eyelids. Her hairline is identical in the post-operative facelift pictures when compared to the pre-operative pictures.

Right Chin Tuck:

The chin tuck view is very useful to look at. Naturally, we do not go through life with our chins up all the time. Patients are also concerned about how they look on dynamic motion, particularly when they tuck their chins down. The difference the facelift, upper blepharoplasty, and fat transfer procedures made in this view are fairly obvious. First and foremost, the contour of her youthful neck has been dramatically restored. The folding forward of the skin around and below her mouth has been corrected. Her upper and lower eyelid appearance is rejuvenated. This view was particularly pleasing the patient when she compared them after the surgery.

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