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Patient ID#: 2515

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This patient had a cosmetic rhinoplasty in 2016 as well as a chin implant with submental removal of fat with Dr. Leong. Not only did this patient have a significant reduction in her dorsal hump after having rhinoplasty surgery, but the results left the patient with a very natural, proportionate nose. In addition, this patient was not thrilled with her small chin and the extra fat beneath her chin. By removing some fat and surgically placing a chin implant, this patient has a smoother, more appealing jawline. These three procedures demonstrate how subtle changes can combine to produce a very natural and very attractive result.

Right Lateral:

Note the more sculpted submental area, further enhanced by the more defined chin.

Left Lateral:

Please note the more elegant nasal bridge. The nasal tip has been refined and de-projected (brought slightly closed to the face) for a more feminine profile.


Left Oblique:

This view gives a nice look at how the nose look more harmonious in the context of her face after her surgery. The dorsal hump is reduced, her tip is refined, and her jawline and chin are better proportioned. These changes have all brought out the natural beauty and elegance of her face.

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