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Because Dr. Leong has very much experience with both non-surgical and surgical rhinoplasty, patients can get truly objective advice about which approach fits their goals best. In some cases, their choice between these non-surgical and surgical options can change over time based on their willingness to undergo surgery and ability to schedule the surgical recovery, as well as financial considerations. This Pittsburgh patient is a good example of someone who chose a non-surgical rhinoplasty with Dr. Leong and was very happy with that result for years. However, about six years later, when she had some control over her schedule and was able to make the investment, she chose to proceed with a surgical rhinoplasty.

Right Lateral (non-surgical rhinoplasty):

This picture demonstrates a much for refined nasal dorsum after the non-surgical rhinoplasty. While it is true that this procedure does not actually “make the nose smaller”, to a remarkable degree it can make the give the nose a more elegant shape and allow it to sit on the face more comfortably.

Right Lateral (surgical rhinoplasty):

This second after picture shows the same view after she had a surgical rhinoplasty, six years after her non-surgical rhinoplasty. The shape and size of the nasal dorsum is dramatically improved. Her nasal tip has also been refined. Please see this same patient in the rhinoplasty before and after section to review a full set of her surgical before and after pictures.

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